What is Oh See Snaps?

Oh See Snaps is an API-based Software as a Service application. You make a request to our API and the API will return to you an image.

How does Oh See Snaps work?

Oh See Snaps works by accepting a URL parameter (among other parameters) which it then loads the given URL in a browser and captures a screenshot of the page and returns to you the image.

The image is then cached for 1 week so future requests for that URL return the cached image. This helps with performance when serving your images.

Why would I use Oh See Snaps?

Oh See Snaps is an applicable choice when you want to defer capturing an image of a website to a third party. We help you save time and resources by doing all of the work for you. All you need to do is point your <img /> elements at our API and we'll return you your image.

What are applicable uses for Oh See Snaps?

Out of the box, here are a couple use cases where Oh See Snaps can improve your web application or web site:

  • Automatic social share images
  • Keep application screenshots up to date in documentation, product pages, etc
  • Monitor changes to a web page over time